Not Trick-or-Treating…No Problem!! Fun Ideas to Celebrate Halloween at Home This Year

Halloween Ideas At Home

Its safe to say that when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit many of us never imaged we would still be socially distancing and wearing masks by late October. Halloween id right around the corner and here we are with no end in sight for the pandemic.

Normally we absolutely love going to all the fall celebrations and parties. Always the highlight of every year is of course the trick-or-treating for my kids. But with the worry of spreading COVID-19 with the ringing of doorbells and grabbing candy out of buckets, I wanted to find other ways I could celebrate with my kids.


Here are a few ideas for celebrating at home with your family this Halloween!!!

  1. Do a candy scavenger hunt around the house or backyard. Here’s a free printable one!
  2. Take turns at a store bought Halloween themed piñata or even better make one with the kids! Here’s an easy tutorial on How To Make a Pinata!!
  3. Put together a socially distanced neighborhood costume parade. Ride around the neighborhood on bikes, scooters, and in wagons and show off your costumes this year.
  4. Have a Halloween Party right at home with your small group or family. You can order special Halloween themed food and treats. Chuck E. Cheese is doing at home Halloween parties with Kidz Bop this year and offering special menu items and activities. Papa John’s is bringing back their Jack-o-Lantern Pizza too!
  5. Make fun Halloween themed desserts and treats together at home. My kids love decorating cookies & treats. We put these simple spider ones together using Rice Krispie treats + store bought icing!

6. Make some spooky drinks at home with dry ice. Adults will love this one too with cocktails!! Try this easy Pomengranate Poison Spritz!
7. Try out a Virtual Escape Room together.
8. Make it a movie night and watch all the classic Halloween themed movies or shows.
9. Boo or Ghost neighbors by dropping off anonymous goodie bags filled with Halloween treats + toys.
10. Surprise your kids with a spooky celebrity shoutout. You can request messages on Cameo. Imagine how spooked your teen would be with a custom message from Pennywise or the Crypt Creeper. Check out the list of all the Halloween talent they have to offer under $100!

However you decide to celebrate this year, hope you enjoy
your Halloween with your BOOS!!!

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