Easily Organize Your Closet with 3 Simple Steps

Closet Organization

If you’re looking for a new home project you can tackle or just trying to be more organized for 2020, your closet is one of the best places you can start. Having an organized closet can be life changing! You’ll be able to see exactly what you have available at all times. This can help you get dressed faster everyday and prevent you from buying duplicates. All while saving you money and time…because we all want to have more time and money to shop with RIGHT!!

Here are a few of my simple tips anyone can use to get that closet cleaned up and organized!!!

1. Clean It Out

To create a master piece, you MUST start with an blank canvas first. I know it sounds like a huge pain, but I highly recommend starting with an empty closet. Clear it all out. Even if you share a closet with someone, at least pull out all your belongings and empty your shelves and drawers.

The next steps were probably the hardest for me but made the biggest difference!! Figuring out what to keep and what to get rid of. Feel free to phone a friend for this one…cue Sex In The City closet clean out scene.

Here’s how I tackled my entire closet without feeling overwhelmed:

Access – First start organizing by categories…jewelry, accessories, socks, undergarments , shirts, shorts, etc. Break up your closet into smaller sections and go from there. Don’t leave anything out and go through each category thoroughly!! This may take a day or two but trust me you’ll immediately feel better once you get started!

Edit – Ask yourself these three questions about each piece: Do you absolutely LOVE this piece? How many times can you wear it? Does it fit your lifestyle TODAY? If you can answer yes to all three keep it.

Purge – Donate, Sell, or Trash things that can’t be worn anymore or that don’t make sense for you to keep. The more you can get rid of, the easier it will be to put your closet back together with things you’ll actually enjoy & wear everyday! Let it go sister, trust me on this one!!!

2. Get The Right Type of Organizers

Don’t let all your hard work of organizing and sorting go to waste! These are my favorite closet organizers that will help you keep everything in order and prevent future clutter no matter what size closet you have!!

  • Velvet Hangers & Clips
    Thin flat velvet hangers will save space and prevent your clothes from slipping off. These are extremely durable and look super stylish! Add these matching velvet clip hangers for skirts, shorts or pants. I like a simple clean white color scheme like this combo so my clothes are center of attention in my closet!
Velvet hangers
Velvet Clip Hangers
Closet Organization Tips
  • Drawer Organizers
    Find a home for everything…even your socks and underwear! I love these foldable cloth bins to keep all of my bras, socks, and underwear neatly organized and easy to see!! They come in a pack of 4 and fit most drawers.
Drawer organizer
Organization Containers
Drawer Organizer
  • Accessory Organizers
    Smaller items get junkier faster when they’re not organized or just thrown in a drawer. Make it easier to find the right accessories when you need them. I keep all my jewelry neatly organized in jewelry trays and put all my sunglasses in this super affordable accessory holder. You can also invest in display necklace and bracelet holders to keep those from getting tangled up too.

sunglass organizers
Sunglass Organizers
  • Closet Bins and Hanging Shelves
    Store seasonal items in closet bins or containers. Hanging shelves are a quick and easy way to add additional storage to smaller closets. You can neatly display sweaters and pants in them, just be sure to not overpack and weigh them down. Here’s some functional and stylish options you can easily add to any space.

3. Color Code Your Closet

ROY G BIV the crap out of your closet. Remember the colors of the rainbow from school? RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO, and VIOLET. Besides being aestetically pleasing to the eye, having your closet color coded is an organizer’s secret weapon. This will help you easily put together outfits when you’re looking for a specific piece you need to complete a look! If you have patterned pieces with multiple colors, just put them in a “patterned section.” Try this with everything in yourcloset…tops, bottoms, shoes, you name it. I even ROY G BIV’d my bras…makes it so much easier to find the right type of bra when I need it!

Closet Organization Tips
Closet Organization Tips
Closet Organization Tips
Closet Organizers
Drawer Organizer
Easy Closet Organization

A clean and organized closet is definitely my happy place in my house! It’s so much more fun and easier to get dressed everyday without the stress of hunting for things in a messy closet.

Try it out and let me know how it helps your everyday life!!
You can shop for my favorite closet organizing supplies below!

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